Where is the water used for this beer coming from?

The water is natural spring water coming directly from the rock base of the volcanic mountain of Bedugul that is behind the brewery. Full in mineral content, filtered several time in the brewery to provide the most optimal brewing water for STARK beers. The famous Gitgit waterfall are just 5km from the brewery, therefore the water of the falls is practically the same water in origin that we use.


What does LOW CARB mean?

Low carbohydrate (sugars, starch) content that correspond to substantial amount of calory value as well. Therefore LOW CARB directly means LOW CALORY as well. But in the case of STARK LOW CARB LAGER, it only means lower energy content and not lower alcohol content or less flavour like in LIGHT beers. LOW CARB beer is not LIGHT beer.


What is the difference between STARK LOW CARB and other lager / pils beers made in Indonesia?

STARK LOW CARB LAGER is a natural fresh handmade artisan beer using a combination of imported high quality raw materials now preservatives and artificial or low class ingredients.


What is the sediment on the bottom of the bottle?

The sediment on the bottom is the natural special yeast we import from Belgium and use for our process to create this fresh premium beer. The live yeast content is the proof that this beer is natural organic free of chemicals that would damage this live yeast sediment. Yeast is loade with essential vitamins and minerals. Especially vitamin B that is an important component in the formation of healthy hair,skin and nails. Among the minerals Zinc has a remarkable content in yeast, a very important element of male reproductive health.


Why is the taste still sweet?

It is the result of our gentle and long brewing process that extracts all the possible malty sweetness that the grains can provide.


Why is the taste sour?

Stark Beers are 100% natural artisan craft products. This is the liveliness that other chemically treated beers miss therefore this kind of liveliness may come as a surprise for the first time when You taste our beers for the first time, but YOu will experience the benefis of natural freshness during Your funtime with STARK beers and especially after drinking when You notice that You don’t get hangover like with other artificially produced beers.


Why is the taste bitter?

We use the freshest and very special hops for Stark products, therefore the boost of fresh hoppiness may come as a surprise. We import noble hops directly from the most famous regions of the USA. Hops are natural bitter herbs, the spice of beer and hve very nice calming effects, that You immediately feel when You drink our beers. Hops are especially benefitila for women for thair phytoestrogen content that halp to synchronise and normalise the female hormonal cycle and also represents scientifically proven positive effects on feminine mammal tissue growth.


Why is the bottle brown not green like other beers?

Beers are very sensitive for light. Light can damage the flavour. Green bottles are not protective for these light rays, but other breweries put marketing before quality. Our brown bottle provide maximum protection, quality is our first priority.


Is this imported beer?

Stark beers are made in Bali, 100% domestic products but the technology , the raw materials, the know-how and our professional staff is foreign to ensure the best combination of Indonesian and International.


Is this available in KEGs / draught?

Stark Beers are available in KEGs.


How does this beer taste?

STARK Wheat : typical Belgian white beer taste , meaning fresh, light, fizzy, yeasty, wheaty, citrusy, spicy, fruity, hints of tart and sour notes. STARK Low Carb Lager: crisp, fizzy, refreshing and full malty with pleasant noble hoppy flavour, that is typical for European blonde lager beers but low in calories.
STARK Dark Wheat: malty, wheaty, roasted, caremelly, toffee, aged taste, somewhat wine-like due to the maturation, fruity notes similar to tart cherry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, hibiscus flower.

What are the ingredients?

Malted grains imported directly from the Australian malt producers. Hops from America, Yeast from Belgium and local natural spring water with wonderful mineral composition and freshness that we filter and clarify several times and with several high-tech methods before we use it.


Since when is this beer produced?



Why have I never heard of this beer before?

STARK beer is available in actually quite many places but because its artisan nature and limited quantity, this beer is not available everywhere, The sales network and availability though increases every day.


Is it available in big bottle?

Stark beer is only available in 330ml bottles to emphasize the premium nature of this beer. We do not concentrate on quantity of drinking but the experience of the perception of the flavours. STARK beers are also so called degustation beers, while other Indonesian beers belong to main stream beer types made for high quantity production and consumption and not for the enjoyment of rich flavours.


Why is it more expensive?

STARK beers are purley made of world class quality raw materials that imported by the brewery directly from overseas. Malt from the rich fields of South and Western Australia, American Hops from the cool Pacific coastal mountain regions of Washington State. Yeast from special beer yeast producer in Belgium (which the capital of specialty beers in the world). We can not compromise in raw materials, science, art and passion for these beers.


What does LAGER mean?

Lager is the biggest type of beer nowadays. This type of cryspy hoppy malty pale blonde beer was created in 1842 when beer producers in Austria, Bavaria, Czechia and Hungary brought together the most important features of lager beer: special lager yeast, pale colour malt, noble hops, cold fermentation and chilled maturation. The word “lager” refers to the typical behaviour of the special lager type yeast that is repositing itself on the bottom.


Why is the carbonation/ CO2 so high?

For more refreshment we use higher carbonation for some of our beers in the tropical climate of Indonesia. The feeling of carbonation is very much connected to the temperature of the beer. On too low temperatures the beer will set less bubbles free when the bottles is opened. And consequently will feel less carbonated. If the beer is colder than its recommended consumption temperature, it is better to let it warm up a bit before opening.

Recommended consumption temperature ranges are:
WHEAT: 0-2 C
The optimal consumption temperature is higher with darker colour as in the case of wine.


Why is carbonation / CO2 so low?

For easier consumption directly from the bottle we use lower carbonation (CO2 bubbling) for some of STARK Beers.


Is this CRAFT beer ?

STARK is a small scale CRAFT ARTISAN brewery lacking the automated robot like unhuman methods and preservative treatments in big breweries. There is life and human touch in our beers. The beauty of constant human interaction and the little changes in our specialty ingredients throughout the production process is the slight fluctuation in the features.


Why the appearence is not clear like other beers ?

STARK beers are unfiltered natural beers that is revealed by the eventual layer of live nutritious yeast sediment on the bottom. This is the proof that tha beer was not chemically or otherwise treated with preservatives, because this is a living probiotic layer.

WHEAT BEER: during the pouring You may want to shake up the bottles to include the yeast in the drink that is a feature of wheat beers.

LOW CARB LAGER BEER: you may wanna pour it in one move to the glass leaving tha las few ml’s with yeast in the bottle for transparent appearance typical for blonde beers or you can shake at the end of pouring likewheat beer for the healthy yeast cells.